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Welcome to Vegana Marketplace, the brand-new online vegan marketplace for all your cruelty-free and plant-based shopping needs – it is lovely to see you here!

Vegana Marketplace was started by me, Marta, in 2020: a year that’s been an incredibly challenging for many of us, so much so that it has ultimately pushed us to slow down, take a hard look at our lives, and reflect on our passions. Like many others out there, I decided it was time to focus on what really matters to me and use all my experience and motivation for creating something I’m really passionate about: veganism and ecology.

This online vegan marketplace was created with one ambitious goal in mind: to bridge the gap between the special connection and environmental benefits of artisan products and the online shopping experience. Vegana Marketplace is more than just another platform for online vegan shopping, it’s a space where finding great quality vegan, eco-friendly, and independently made products can be just as easy as popping to the shops for your weekly groceries.

We understand and value convenience, but choose to focus on supporting small business, real people, real families like yours with a real passion and pride for the products they make. This online vegan marketplace is, above all, a community for likeminded people who care about the environment, about their neighbours, and everyone else who shares this beautiful planet with them (yes, that means animals and plants too!).

So, whether you are a full-time, committed vegan or just a curious person looking for products that are good for the planet, the animals, and themselves, I believe you have come to the right place to get your online shopping sorted.

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How it all began

In the last few years, caring for the environment has gone from being a fringe belief limited to the few to being at the forefront of shoppers’ buying habits.

Even if we are not actively involved in environmental efforts, we have all come to be more aware of how our daily choices impact our planet: we do our best not to forget our reusable bag every time we head out to do our shopping, we turn off the tap when we’re brushing our teeth, we steer clear of single-use plastic cups and straws. What is also true, however, is that we are all busier than we have ever been, juggling our full-time job with family obligations, social appointments, and miscellaneous chores.

Nine times out of ten, we will naturally find ourselves choosing convenience over the planet, and that’s why Vegana Marketplace believes in the unparalleled convenience of online shopping to live (and shop!) according to our beliefs.

Starting at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the launch of our online vegan marketplace was informed by the experience of living under lockdown. Losing access to arts and crafts markets, handmade products fairs, and small independent shops that help support our local community meant that we had to find a whole new way of shopping sustainably and ethically.

On top of that, finding products that are artisan, sustainable, ethical, and vegan (all at the same time!) can often be a struggle, no matter where we live and what circumstances we may be under.

So, what better way to make a tangible difference than opening an online marketplace focused on supporting artisan, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products made by independent makers? Vegana Marketplace is the product of our commitment to a better living and a better world – and we are so glad to see you joining in this journey alongside us!

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