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As part of our ongoing efforts to make an ethical vegan lifestyle more accessible to all and help to movement grow with better options for the conscious shoppers of the world, we are proud to announce that we’re expanding our online vegan marketplace to feature international sellers from outside the U.K too!

More independent sellers are going to be coming onboard to share their unique, vegan, and eco-friendly products with our customers, expanding our range of options to make sustainable living easier for all. But while our scope is getting bigger, our core values have not changed: we still want to promote environmentally sustainable vegan products and make all our operations as environmentally friendly as they can be. For that reason, we have decided to collaborate with the amazing, climate-positive social enterprise Ecologi, so that we can work on effective carbon offset projects together and continue our unwavering commitment to the sustainability of our expanding operations.

Our partnership with Ecologi

Ecologi focuses on climate-saving projects that work to effectively remove the consequences of carbon emissions, partnering with eco-conscious businesses like ours to support their ambitious reforestation and carbon reduction projects. One of the best tools we have in our hands to tackle the climate crisis immediately is to keep the planet’s temperatures from rising above 1.5C by planting trees. Ecologi’s planting partner, The Eden Reforestation Projects, plant millions of trees around the world each month thanks to donations from sustainable businesses like Vegana Marketplace. The enterprise also focuses on investing donations into carbon reduction projects aimed to support green energy, protect biodiversity, clean waterways, and preserve the Amazon rainforest.

With the goal of planting one billion trees worldwide to offset decades of carbon damage, this enterprise is the perfect fit for our rapidly growing operations. In order to dramatically reduce the carbon cost of international shipping operations, we will plant one tree for every £10 spent on our website for domestic products manufactured in the U.K., and plant three trees for every £10 spent on international orders. This will ensure that our values of kindness and sustainability are not only upheld, but also expanded to fit our growing scale of operations and objectives.

Climate positive, worldwide

Ever since the very start of our journey, we have put our focus on making the magic of local markets more accessible to all by bringing exceptional local independent manufacturers to the world of online shopping.

Our commitment to creating a community of ethical sellers and customers has not changed, but we are proud of our results in making that community bigger. With more products, more choices, and more artisans highlighted in our collections, we will be taking enormous steps towards making sustainable veganism easier to adopt and stick to, creating a movement that goes beyond borders without sacrificing our planet’s climate.

We are growing fast, but this is just the beginning – see what’s new in store today and follow us on social media for more updates on our future projects!

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