Vegan Fashion Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

To say that vegan fashion has pulled a full 180 in the span of a couple of years would still be a major understatement.

Not too long ago, you’d have had a really hard time finding high-quality, ethically manufactured vegan fashion items, with the few options available online coming with a hefty price tag and incredibly high shipping fees. This has made eco-friendly, ethical vegan fashion plainly inaccessible for most eco-minded folks; a move that doesn’t do any favours to our struggling planet.

But in 2021, it’s clear that the era of uncomfortable pleather jackets, low-quality fast-fashion tees, and ugly sandals is long gone – and vegans around the world are finally rediscovering their love of fashion without any ethical guilt!

So, what are the vegan fashion trends that are taking the world by storm? Who are the creative minds behind the sustainable, slow-fashion movement that is changing the way we buy long-lasting fashion items and view what we wear?

In this article, we want to highlight some of the vegan artisan brands that are changing the vegan fashion game, one thread at the time.

Vegan Fashion Blog Post - Vegana Marketplace

Sustainable graphic tees

Sure, graphic tees are nothing new, and even graphic tees with a real message behind them have been around for quite some time. After all, who doesn’t love to wear their beliefs on their sleeve?

The reason why graphic tees with a message are one of the vegan fashion trends to keep an eye on in 2021 is that the fast-fashion, print-to-order model is slowly being phased out in favour of a more sustainable and ethical alternatives.

Enter growing vegan fashion brands like Love Gang Store and That Rosie Vibe: offering a selection of t-shirts and tote bags designed to last the test of time, these artisan brands are reimagining the future of casual wear with truly unique pieces that don’t sacrifice style for the sake of environmental sustainability.

Bold, obnoxious slogans are out and stylish “subliminal messaging” is in. Unethical fast-fashion practices are getting the boot in favour of ethically manufactured pieces that rely on recycled materials, bamboo, and organic cotton to make your wardrobe shine. You can now wear vegan-friendly t-shirts with pride, knowing that kindness has been taken as a priority every step of the way!

Handmade accessories and jewellery

When it comes to accessories and jewellery, finding items that reflect your unique approach to fashion and are truly one-of-a-kind can be tough – mass manufacturing is the norm, after all.

Uniqueness and customization is what makes independent artisan brands like Pumpkin Hill and KnotsandCats so valuable in today’s fashion marketplace: you’ll be pretty hard-pressed finding anyone wearing the same gloves, earrings, and hats as you. The focus on environmental sustainability and an unwavering commitment to excellent customer care also set independent artisans apart, making them the preferred option for consumers who wish to stay fashionable while finding pieces that can be customized and tweaked to fit their personal style better.

Both these brands rely on small-scale operations boosted by big ethical benefits: vegan-friendly cotton yarn replaces the cruelty of wool, epoxy resin makes for dynamic earrings packed with personality. The unique little flaws that may come with every new batch only make the pieces more interesting for the artisanal-loving, eco-conscious consumer – something that mass-produced accessories just can’t offer.

Vegan watches

In the eyes of many, watches have always been the epitome of tradition when it comes to must-have accessories. The rise of vegan watches is one of the most powerful representations of how vegan and eco-friendly sensibilities are making an impact in the fashion world.

European vegan watches brands like Hurtig Lane are taking the lead in providing uncompromisingly classy and fashionable vegan watches made with recycled materials. This brand is replacing outdated leather, tweed, and suede straps with breathable PU (recycled polyurethane) and cotton fibres for a less polluting alternative to PVC and other unsustainable materials.

Offering an extensive collection of styles and colours, Hurtig Lane is slowly revolutionizing the way we view vegan-friendly watches: less of a plastic gimmick, and more of a fashion-forward approach to classic leather items that have no place in a sustainable wardrobe!

 Sustainable Fashion Blog Post - Vegana Marketplace

Taking the cruelty out of fashion

In a world of fur and garment factories, mainstream fashion has long been synonymous with cruelty and exploitation.

But as more and more eco-conscious consumers are striving to avoid fast-fashion and animal products, vegan and eco-friendly fashion brands are getting incentivized to go with their heart and offer options that are truly kind to everyone – workers, animals, and planet included.

We are proud to be part of the change by providing small, independent vegan fashion brands with a platform to get noticed on, so that, together, we can continue pushing the sustainability movement forward.

Keep an eye on this space for more vegan fashion pioneers coming in 2021!

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