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Struggling with a Dairy-Free Lifestyle? Vegan Artisan Cheese Is the Answer

In January 2021, more than 500,000 people have decided to take the leap and commit to living a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle for the sake of protecting the planet, their health, and the lives of animals. But just as thousands of Britons begin taking their first steps towards a more conscious and sustainable way of living, an unexpected challenge arises: No matter how motivated, a large percentage of the vegan-to-be population just cannot give up their cheese.

In this day and age, adopting a vegan diet doesn’t have to feel like an unsustainable sacrifice — yes, even for self-proclaimed cheese lovers!

When going vegan for the first time, in fact, the idea of giving up cheese can make even the most driven of us rethink our decision, more than any other animal product we’re used to eating on a daily basis.

So, what makes this particular dairy product so addictive, and how can the thousands of new vegans striving to live a healthier and kinder life follow a plant-based diet without succumbing to cheese cravings? The answer lies in vegan artisan cheese: From delicate and creamy to tangy and mature, today’s artisan vegan cheese possesses all the authentic features a true cheese enthusiast could ever ask for.

In this day and age, adopting a vegan diet doesn’t have to feel like an unsustainable sacrifice yes, even for self-proclaimed cheese lovers!

Marilyn Selection Vegan Cheese

This selection box is perfect for anyone starting their journey in the world of vegan cheese as you will get four different flavours of vegan artisan cheese to try. Creamy black pepper cheese, spicy red pepper paprika, tomato & oregano and garlic & truffle. You will have a hard time picking your favourite!

What is the problem with cheese, anyway?

We’re all familiar with the devastating effects that the animal agriculture industry has on our planet, and how adopting a vegan lifestyle can help reduce our carbon footprint, dramatically lessening food-related emissions and the effects of climate change on our environment.

But while the environmental cost of meat products and the fishing industry have been thoroughly examined in the media, less attention is usually paid to the equally devasting effects that dairy products have on our planet.

Cheese production, in particular, has been identified as one of the biggest industries generating greenhouse gas emissions, generating far more CO2 per pound of product compared to pork, poultry, salmon, and milk.

As a whole, cheese production ranks thirds as the leading culprit behind carbon emissions, highlighting just how unsustainable and resource-intensive the modern cheesemaking process really is.

On top of the unavoidable environmental impact of producing cheese, the dairy product is also well-known for its less than ideal nutritional profile.

Due to the product’s sky-high saturated fat and salt content, eating too much cheese is associated with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. In terms of the “addictive” properties that make cheese so hard to give up once and for all, the key lies in cheese’s signature protein, casein, which has been discovered to turn into a compound called casomorphin once broken down by the body, attaching itself to our brain’s dopamine receptors and having us craving more.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that eating cheese can actually be compared to substances scientifically deemed addictive, like caffeine and nicotine.

But it does provide an answer to why so many committed plant-based eaters struggle for years before being able to fully say goodbye to their favourite cheese products.

Vegan Cheese for authentic cheese lovers

So, what if you could get the best of both worlds, getting all that you love about your favourite cheeses without not supporting the environmental and health impact associated with cheese consumption?

Now, vegan cheese has been getting a bad rap for decades, often thought of as a largely inferior, bland, plastic-like alternative to the “real thing”.

But just as the demand for innovative and tasty vegan products continues to rise, so do the forward-thinking vegan brands offering a real alternative to classic cheeses, so much so that in 2021, all the major UK supermarkets carry their own store brand line of vegan cheese slices and cheese blocks.

Making great vegan artisan cheese, however, it’s a whole different animal.

Cheese connoisseurs need an artisanal product ready to be added to their dinner cheese boards, able to go fully head-to-head with the best independent artisanal cheeses on the market, whether they’re after a vegan creamy camembert-style round or a hard vegan parmesan to grate on top of their favourite pasta dish.

Thanks to the incredible work of the vegan cheesemakers paving the way, premium vegan artisan cheese is now easily available online, so that all the cheese-heads out there can finally rely on a sustainable, healthy, and cruelty-free product able to satisfy all the cravings!

Our featured independent vegan cheesemaker, Say Chease, has perfected the art of crafting authentic-tasting vegan artisan cheese, offering a growing selection of diverse vegan cheeses, able to fit the unique taste preferences of even the pickiest cheese enthusiast.

Handcrafted and uncompromisingly faithful to the original texture and taste of dairy artisan cheeses, Say Chease’s gluten-free vegan cheeses are made from cultured nut cheese, making for a healthier yet completely satisfying alternative to dairy cheese.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet and smoky cheese to add to your entree platter or looking for a unique cheese with a spicy and creamy finish, Say Chease has you covered for all your vegan artisan cheese needs giving up unsustainable dairy cheese once and for all has never been easier!

Last Updated: 15/04/2021

Author: Gaia Graziotti

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