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In a Hurry? Here’s Where to Buy Vegan Frozen Ready Meals that Are Delicious AND Nutritious

The gradual, yet unrelenting increase in popularity of vegan food and vegan restaurants has helped vegan products come out of the fringe and hit the mainstream, with supermarket chains offering a growing selection of tasty, convenient, and affordable vegan alternatives to classic meals and snacks.

In this day and age, vegans don’t really have to look that far to find stacked shelves of diverse vegan ready meals, freezers packed with vegan burgers, or bakeries filled with savoury vegan bakes and sweets.

With vegan frozen ready meals available anywhere and at any time, it might be easy to let our healthy practices go for the sake of convenience, indulging in quick and easy ready meals, desserts, and frozen dinners on a daily basis.

Let us be very clear: There’s nothing wrong with eating some delicious vegan junk food throughout the week! But still, reaching for your favourite vegan frozen ready meal at the end of a long day doesn’t have to be an unhealthy choice.

Here are some healthier, but just as delicious and convenient options for when you’re craving your daily dose of vegan frozen food and ready meals, just as good for your health as they are for the planet.

Frozen meals don’t have to be unhealthy

When hearing the word “frozen food”, most people will think of breaded and pre-fried patties, nuggets, chips, and oily sausage rolls.

Nowadays, however, vegans and plant-based eaters looking to buy vegan frozen ready meals or refrigerated ready meals can choose between an array of different health-promoting, veg-packed, whole-food recipes reimagined for our busy lifestyle.

Freezing food wasn’t always a synonym for an unhealthy alternative to a homecooked meal, in fact, the process of freezing plant ingredients allows them to retain their nutritional profile better than just refrigerating them.

On top of that, freezing food helps kill off any harmful bacteria that might have been hiding in the meal, while making for a more convenient and sustainable option as freezing cooked meals and raw ingredients in advance will also help combat food waste

Introducing Root Kitchen

So, frozen food and frozen ready meals don’t have to be necessarily associated with an unhealthy diet, especially if you’re getting your grub from vegan ready meal experts who have your health and safety in mind when developing their products.

One of our featured sellers, Root Kitchen, is the perfect example of a ready meal service that understands the importance of convenience and healthy nutrition going hand in hand.

With a growing collection of delicious chef-cooked vegan frozen ready meals, Root Kitchen’s ethos is quite simple: To make nutritious and creative vegan meals as accessible and convenient as they can be. This independent business offers tasty plant-based meals showcasing the best of world cuisine, from spicy Sichuanese to mouth-watering Mediterranean oven bakes, making for a dynamic collection of plant-based ready meals that’s as far as you can get from boring and unhealthy.

Each meal is prepared with love and attention, packed with whole-food goodness, and frozen at the right time to preserve its flavour and nutrition.

If you are looking to buy vegan frozen ready meals that have all it takes to go toe-to-toe with authentic homecooked meals, Root Kitchen makes the job incredibly easy for you, allowing you to mix and match a minimum of six different meals.

If you order your weekly dose of vegan frozen ready meals from Vegana Marketplace, you’ll get your plant-based goodness delivered straight to your door, with zero hassle and with the knowledge that you’ll be supporting eco-friendly, independent vegan chefs at the same time!

Your one-stop shop to buy vegan frozen ready meals

Root Kitchen is currently offering ten delicious vegan frozen ready meals, so whether you’re in the mood for vegan Italian food, Greek, Indian, Thai, Chinese, or even a classic Shepherd’s Pie, you’re guaranteed to find something you’re going to love.

You can find the complete list of ingredients used as you’re browsing the meals, so you can be sure you’re getting the wholesome nutrition you need with every bite.

Vegana Marketplace is your one-stop online shop to buy vegan frozen ready meals with ease and start exploring just how tasty, colourful, and nutritious vegan ready meals can be!

Last Updated: 05/05/2021

Author: Gaia Graziotti

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