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Looking to Buy Vegan Brownies? Here’s All You Need to Know to Get the Best Plant-Based Brownies on the Market

Picture the perfect baked good: Sweet, moist, and deliciously decadent, most people’s ideas of a satisfying dessert is usually one laden with dairy products and eggs, with even the most knowledgeable bakers having a tough time thinking of any alternative to the classic foolproof recipe.

But anyone who’s been following a plant-based diet for long enough knows that the classic recipe for a satisfying baked good can very easily be tweaked to exclude all animal products and, instead, replace these cruel and unethical ingredients with plant-based and sustainable alternatives.

All without having to sacrifice the comforting taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture we crave and love so much!

The brownies in our collections are freshly baked by our artisans and delivered straight to your door

While major supermarket chains and independent cafes are slowly adapting to the increased demand for vegan baked goods, including cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and biscuits, it’s the independent vegan bakers that are leading the way in offering truly sustainable options to satisfy our sweet tooth without hurting the animals and the planet in the process.

If you’ve been looking to buy vegan brownies online and from eco-friendly and independent artisan vegan bakers, or simply make your own with ingredients that might already be sitting around in your kitchen cupboard, look no further than this handy guide!

Vegan chocolate brownie topped with vegan chocolate chips and vegan chocolate drizzle

The Blissful Pig Vegan Bakery

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by The V Club

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Three biscoff and chocolate vegan brownie pieces topped with biscoff biscuits

by The Blissful Pig Vegan Bakery

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by The Blissful Pig Vegan Bakery

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by The V Club

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Three biscoff and chocolate vegan brownie pieces topped with biscoff biscuits

by The Blissful Pig Vegan Bakery

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How to make vegan brownies (the easy way!)

Before we dive into where to buy vegan brownies online and what sets artisan vegan bakers apart from big-brand chains, let’s take a look at how to make deliciously moist and fudgy vegan brownies yourself, with only a handful of inexpensive plant-based ingredients spoiler alert: It’s much easier than you think!

Classic, non-vegan brownies get their fudgy texture from the dairy butter used, and their recipe calls for a higher fat-to-flour ratio than a somewhat similar chocolate cake. So, the key to retaining that melt-in-you-mouth feel without any of the butter is to use the right type of fat, such as coconut oil or canola oil.

Coconut oil, a favourite in vegan baking, can replace butter in a brownie recipe at a 1:1 ratio without affecting the final flavour of your baked good, making for incredibly dense and gooey brownies.

When it comes to replacing the egg (the ingredient acting as an emulsifier), on the other hand, you’ll have a wide selection of alternatives to choose from, depending on what you have on hand.

You can replace eggs with inexpensive applesauce to add smoothness and a little extra kick of sweetness, make a “flax egg” by mixing one tablespoon of ground flaxseed with three tablespoons of water or even mash a ripe medium banana — each at a 1:1 ratio, making it incredibly easy to follow a non-vegan brownie recipe and swap out the egg without any change to taste and texture!

If you’re a novice baker and want to make your time in the kitchen a little bit easier, you’ll find plenty of tried and tested vegan brownie recipes online, perfect for a relaxing weekend baking session.

Why buy artisan vegan brownies

If you’re not too keen on experimenting with different vegan baking ingredients or simply prefer to have your cake ready and eat it too, your next course of action should be to look for the best vegan brownies on the market, made from more sustainable and often healthier ingredients.

While you might be tempted to head out to your local big chain supermarket to look for vegan baked goods, including fudgy brownies, conscious shoppers might fare better by opting for independent artisan alternatives instead.

There are plenty of benefits to shopping small and artisan: Your vegan brownies will be guaranteed to be made of more natural, healthier, and sustainably sourced ingredients, making for sustainably and ethically produced goods with a lower carbon footprint.

Nothing exemplifies the power of small-scale, artisan operations than our featured baked goods and brownies sellers, Blissful Pig Bakery and The V Club.

Made fresh to order and coming in eco-friendly, recyclable or recycled packaging, their vegan brownies are just as gooey and dense as the classic dairy and egg brownies available in stores and cafes, but with the added plus of being produced ethically and sustainably thanks to the independent and small-scale structure of the business. Both bakers craft deliciously decadent plant-based brownies perfect for gifting, available in a wide range of flavours to fit everyone’s tastes, and delivered fresh straight to your door with the click of a button.

Among the zesty orange brownies and the mixed chocolatey brownie boxes, shoppers looking for something slightly different will also find plenty of variety in Blissful Pig’s delicious blondies, a scrumptiously sweet baked good made without the deep cocoa powder found in brownies and instead packed with rich vanilla, along with a mix of other sweet vegan ingredients like white chocolate, candied fruits, dried fruits, and nuts.

You one-stop to buy vegan brownies online

With the demand for tasty and convenient vegan baked goods on the rise, it’s never been easier to shop for sustainable vegan brownies, blondies, traybakes, and everything else in between online, getting all your favourite sweet treats made to order and delivered uncompromisingly fresh to your door.

If you’re looking for the best place to buy vegan brownies that are 100% transparent on their ingredients, their production operations, and their impact on the planet, you don’t have to look that far — our online vegan marketplace features all the best artisan vegan baked goods to have your cravings covered, guilt-free!

Last Updated: 20/04/2021

Author: Gaia Graziotti

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